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Student Success Resources

WCU students have access to a variety of resources to assist them along their college journey.  We have compiled a list of those most needed when things go awry during the semester. We want all students to know you are not alone in your journey and that WCU is here to help. These resources will be specific to success. If you are looking for One Stop based resources, please visit the One Stop page. There you can find information on the Registrar, IT, Student Accounts and more. 

Distance Learning is the office at WCU dedicated to the support and success of all distance (online) students.  The office is comprised of Tony Miller (Director), Lee Roddick-Brown (Assistant Director) and David Ford (Administrative Support Specialist). They plan virtual events around a variety of topics, hosted in the evenings and have lots of resources specifically geared towards online, adult and working students. They understand the needs of this specific population and design their services accordingly. If you would like to chat with someone from this office please call 828.227.7397 (ask for distance) or email us at

As a distance student you have access not only to those in Distance Learning for advice, but have a specific person within your major who is your assigned advisor.  We usually do not encourage distance students to reach out to the Advising Center as your program advisor and those in Distance Learning have expertise in helping adult students succeed. These advisors can be faculty or professional staff members who are there to guide you on completing your degree and answer specific program related questions. To find out who the advisor is for your specific major, please visit our Distance Learning Advisor site.

Email is the best way to reach your program advisor. Please make sure in your email to always include your first and last name, 920#(student Id number) and major. 

Brainfuse is a fully online service provided by Distance Learning for tutoring during hours or for subjects the WaLC or MTC may not cover. Brainfuse offers professional live tutoring through a chat and whiteboard feature, a Skills Surfer lab featuring hundreds of subjects for easy review on any topic and a writing support center where you can request a paper review and within 72 hours have feedback. For information on how to log in to Brainfuse, please visit the WCU Brainfuse website.

The Office of Student Retention implements targeted advising interventions for students in need of additional support to be successful. Through collaboration with cross-campus partners, the office identifies these students and provides academic case management, advising students and connecting them with campus resources. If you need support and are not sure who to go to for help, this office can assist. They also lead efforts around 5th week grade intervention, academic standing and keeping students at WCU. You can visit them in Killian Annex second floor, email or call 828.227.7171

Distance students are welcome to also use our on campus support services and they do some virtual appointments and have great course specif resources. Students who tutor at WCU have to have completed the course they are tutoring for at WCU and with a minimum grade of an "A". 

The Writing and Learning Commons (WaLC) provides FREE academic support to help you achieve success in all of your classes.  Services include course-based tutoring for more than 130 classes, writing tutoring to help you with any kind of writing assignment, and academic skills consultations to help you develop more effective strategies for note-taking, reading comprehension, test-taking, time management, and organization.  Appointments are available during daytime and evening hours.  Visit the WaLC website to schedule an appointment using Navigate, or call 828.227.2274, and someone will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. 

The Mathematics Tutoring Center (MTC) provides free drop-in tutoring for students to find support for success in math classes.  You can view how to schedule an appointment with a tutoring in the MTC using the How to Schedule PDF.    If you have any trouble finding appointments or have other questions about resources for help with math, contact the Director, Sibley Bryan (, by emailing him, or calling him directly at 828.227.3830.

This office was most commonly called Disability Resources until recent changes to language, but it still does similar things. If you had an IEP or 504 plan in high school, this is a great office to connect with. If you were in high school before those were created or those terms do not mean anything, but you still need help, reach out.  If you have a disability or a medical condition that may result in your need to access services offered by the Office of Accessibility Resources, please contact OAR at 828.227.3886.  Distance students are still very eligible for these services, so please if you need help and are struggling, reach out! OAR also offers referral services for students who may need to be tested to qualify for services, but most referrals still come mental health and medical professionals.  You can find out more on the Office of Accessbility Resources site

The CCPD are here to help you find potential resources, gain skills, and plan your future career path. They also have resources for determining your major.  You can reach out at 828.227.7133,  careerservices@wcu.eduThe CCPD site also has great resources for students who are just starting at WCU or may be about to graduate. CCPD is not only for people looking for jobs, getting major help or wanting professional advise but also is there to support your journey along the way and help make sure your path is the best one for you. 

Please see our Information About the Library to check on hours, and for more information about services Hunter Library Offers. WCU students can have library books shipped directly to them for little or no cost to the student and they will receive a pre-paid envelope for returns more often than not. Also you have access to all library databases the same as a campus based student. There are also subject librarians (click on the "Librarians by Subject" tab) based on your major who can assist you with finding resources. You can also give them a call or chat with a librarian on their website during open hours if you need assistance or cannot find what you are looking for. 

MAPS (Mentoring and Persistence to Success) offers academic coaching and connection to resources for students who are first-generation college students, independent, and/or from low-income backgrounds. As we know a lot of distance students are First-Generation (WCU defines "First-Generation" as anyone whose parent did not complete a 4 year degree) we highly recommend the Compass program for First-Generation students. To connect with a MAPS Advocate, evaluate your goals, and get back on track please email or call 828.227.7171. You can also visit the MAPS office website.  

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