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Graduate Faculty & Staff

Browse this page for links of use to you, WCU faculty and staff. The Graduate School staff is available to assist both you and your students with academic and administrative issues. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Slate is WCU's Graduate School Online Application System.
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Graduate Faculty Status information can be found in the Faculty Handbook Section 4.11. Status is updated by appointment criteria only.

The nomination form and nomination instructions are available from the Graduate School. Please contact the Graduate School for information about how to nominate someone for graduate faculty status.

Graduate School and Research Policy Statement

Graduate School and Research (GS&R) is headed by the dean of the Graduate School and Research, who reports to the Provost. The Graduate School and Research works collaboratively with the academic colleges and other administrative units of the University to serve as the administrative unit responsible for graduate education and sponsored research. It advocates for quality graduate education and research, graduate students, graduate faculty, and graduate programs to improve individual lives and enhance the development of the state and region. Graduate School and Research identifies opportunities for partnership development and relationships and collaborates with other university units to develop those opportunities.

Within GS&R, the Graduate School is responsible for developing Graduate School policies and procedures, processing graduate admissions, administering graduate assistantships, overseeing graduate faculty review and approval of graduate curriculum, verifying the quality of theses and dissertations and verifying completion of graduation requirements for all students.

Within GS&R, the Research Administration office is responsible for fostering scholarship on campus and providing the oversight of sponsored research grants and contracts on campus. It coordinates the planning, development, recruitment and submission of grants for funding with sponsoring academic units. All research-related grants and contracts must be approved by Research Administration.

The dean of the Graduate School and Research has delegated authority by the Provost to

  • Serve as the chief administrative officer for graduate education and research
  • Serve as the UNC Chief Research Officer for sponsored research for WCU
  • Serve as the Empowered Official (EO) for export control compliance on campus
  • Develop, approve, and maintain operational policies and procedures for GS&R

Graduate School

  • Collaborate with the deans to ensure the quality of and provide support to all graduate and related programs
  • Oversee the Graduate Catalog and administer Graduate Catalog policies and procedures
  • Oversee the approval process of faculty to graduate faculty status
  • Provide vision and leadership in managing graduate student enrollment growth
  • Work closely with the deans in managing graduate student enrollment growth
  • Oversee and approve the admission of graduate students
  • Assist in the development, review, and approval process of graduate curriculum
  • Administer and allocate graduate assistantships, tuition waivers, and other financial support for graduate students in collaboration with the academic deans
  • Maintain academic records and degree verification
  • Participate in the assessment of graduate programs and initiate appropriate actions as recommended by the Provost
  • Ensure the quality review and approval of theses and dissertations
  • Foster clear policies and procedures for graduate student grievances and appeals within the University
  • Initiate marketing, fundraising and alumni affairs for graduate students with the college deans, Alumni Affairs and Advancement


  • Facilitate efforts by faculty and administrators to attract external funds in support of research
  • Serve as a liaison with sponsors and governmental units overseeing research
  • Oversee and develop institutional guidelines and policies for Research Administration and related activities, e.g., misconduct in research, conflict of interest, protection of human subjects (IRB), animal care (IACUC), export control, and protection of graduate students and rights to publish research done in collaboration with the private sector
  • Develop effective procedures for grant and contract management
  • Comply with federal and other regulations affecting research
  • Document and track internal funds designed to promote research in the institution
  • Foster a scholarship culture on campus
  • Oversee grant/contract clearance, compliance, and approval

Approved by the Council of Deans—October 7, 2008

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