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Transfer Students

Who Is a Transfer Student?

Helping ensure that you are on the correct path helps ensure that you find the best information.

You are considered a transfer student if you wish to enroll at WCU to earn an undergraduate degree, and:

  • You have never enrolled previously at WCU to pursue an undergraduate degree


  • You have attempted college coursework elsewhere since completion of high school (with the exception of the summer immediately following spring graduation from high school)

NOTE: Earning advanced standing or dual-enrollment college courses while in high school does not change your student type from “first year” to “transfer”; the timing of high school completion determines the student type, not the amount of college coursework completed (including early college or other dual-enrollment students who may have earned an associate degree while completing high school). Your amount of college credit (and other advanced work) affects your student classification (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) rather than your student type.

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On select Tuesdays, representatives from across the University will be available to talk through steps you'll need to take in order to be successful with your transfer pathway, whether you are in the initial planning stages or preparing to transfer soon. Speak directly with WCU representatives and ask questions regarding admission requirements, academic programs, study abroad opportunities, and more!

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Applying as a Transfer Student

Whether you are considering making application or have already done so, you have come to the right place—a place to help you navigate the application process.

Transfer students vary greatly, especially in terms of the amount and type of credit attempted. WCU has established more than one path to admission. Learn about four different admission paths for transfer students through Transfer Pathways.

What is required for admission consideration? Transfer Requirements sheds light on factors that affect admission decisions and details Minimum Course Requirements (MCR) and other requirements that have been established by the UNC Board of Governors or WCU. Do you have to submit a high school transcript? Do you have to send all college records or just the one from the last college attended? Check out the Records for Admission section to be sure that you submit all required records as well as supplemental information that best supports your application for admission.

The admission process is competitive so the more timely and comprehensive the submission of an application and supporting documentation, the greater chance of a favorable admission decision. When a prospective transfer student applies, he or she promptly will receive an acknowledgement letter (be sure to keep the letter as reference) that provides access information to myWCU (learn more below), the applicant’s best way to track his or her progress and status through the admission process.

We hope you will visit. We hope you will apply, if you have not done so already. As an applicant, we hope that you will return to these resources often to guide you on your path to WCU.

Tracking Your Application Status

Shortly after you submit your application, you will receive a mailed letter of acknowledgement that it has been received by the Office of Admission. A week after your acknowledgement letter is sent you will receive an email providing instructions on how to activate your MyWCU account. Once activated, you will be able to log into MyWCU and track you application status through the My Application Status and To Do List section. This section will reflect all items which you are required or encouraged to do through the enrollment process.

Admitted students can access and follow the online path through the enrollment process, submit deposits (tuition and housing) to reserve a space in the entering class, and submit orientation fees once registration for orientation is open.

Note: The Office of Admission can send you instructions on how to activate your account, should you no longer have that email handy. However, once your account is activated, the Office of Admission cannot retrieve your password. You would need to contact the IT Department to have your password reset, in order to regain access to MyWCU.

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