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Information for Faculty and Staff

For guidelines and information regarding Wireless Credit Card Machine Rental, Petty Cash Policy, Gift Processing and more: 


Guidelines, forms and worksheets:


Banner is a comprehensive, Oracle based computer information system that contains the necessary components of the university's administrative services. 

Banner Finance Information

The Crosswalks are presented for historical purposes only. Be advised; they have not been updated as new FOAPAL elements have been added to the system.

  • Banner-FRS Fund Crosswalk - PDF or Excel
    This crosswalk contains all active FRS Accounts as of 6-30-06 and their Banner Funds equivalent.
  • Banner-FRS Expense Account Crosswalk - Excel
    This crosswalk contains the most frequently used expense object codes, and their new Banner Account equivalent.
  • Banner-FRS Revenue Account Crosswalk - Excel
    This crosswalk contains the most frequently used revenue object codes, and their new Banner Account equivalent.
  • Pool Crosswalk - PDF or Excel
    This crosswalk contains the most frequently used expense object codes, and their new Banner Account equivalent sorted in Pools.

ALL revenue or expense object codes

They are sorted in Pool order (numerical order) by their new Banner Account numbers.

For detailed information regarding institutional trust and special funds and related legislation: 


To find information regarding becoming a payment card merchant, requirements for processing, authorization, rentals and fees: 

payment cards

Western Carolina University has many foreign national visitors, employees and students each year. Payments to a foreign national can be very complicated due to tax laws and regulations. 

information regarding Payment for Foreign individuals

The university has a wide variety of sources of funds, each of which has its own spending characteristics. No set of guidelines can be written that addresses every possible expenditure decision, which may arise. There are some basic rules, regulations, and precedents, which are presented here, however, that can help to guide an employee, department and/or division in making wise spending decisions. These guidelines are provided to ensure that faculty/staff can carry out the university’s mission effectively, while ensuring that fiscally responsible and legal spending practices are followed.

The complete document outlining these guidelines is available here: Western Carolina University Spending Guidelines

Banner Finance

Direct Deposit

FYI - Accounts payable refers to payments you might receive as an employee for reimbursement of eligible official University travel expenses incurred by you and paid by you or for other expenses you incurred and paid for official University business that are reimbursable in accordance with University policy.

Check Requests and Prize/Award Payments

Gift Card and Certificates

Independent Contractor

Fund Maintenance

Dual Employment


Occasionally, it may be necessary to offer reimbursement of personal moving expenses to new professional staff when issuing an offer of employment. Information regarding eligibility, expenses and procedures: 

Moving Expenses.

  • WCU Scholarship Reporting Form - This form should be used to report scholarships and travel grants that are supported by departmental funds or grants.
  • WCU Award Reporting Form- "Award" or "Recognition Award" means monetary acknowledgement for recognition purposes.  Awards may be paid from discretionary departmental accounts or endowed funds as defined by donor gift agreements.
  • WCU Prize Reporting Form- "Prize" means winnings received as a result of a drawing or contest.  Prizes may be in the form of cash, cash equivalents(e.g. gift cards), or non-cash items (e.g. electronic devices).
  • Payment Guide
  • Decision Tree
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