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Special Event Parking Requests

Students at a WCU Tailgate


To reserve special event parking, you must have approval from a member of the Executive Council Board. Parking resources are limited and arrangements need to be made in advance so that options and resources may be explored.

Please note: all requests must be approved by the Director of Parking and Transportation. Not all requested areas will be available depending on the time of year, however, parking will explore all available options and relay available alternatives with the requester. All Non-University events are required to pay a minimum $25 charge for Special Event Parking. 

    • For large events requests must be made at least 3 weeks in advance. Failure to do so may result in the unavailability of a requested lot(s). Parking Operations will not close an entire faculty/staff lot.
    • For small events (coned spaces), please submit your request at least 1 week in advance. Failure to do so may result in the unavailability of requested spots.

Fees and Additional Information

  • $25 per space
    • Off peak rate will be given for events that occur during off peak campus times/locations. Please contact the Parking Office at 828-227-2685 to learn more.
  • $20/hour for parking officer present
  • $65/hour for a shuttle (includes driver and bus)

Please fill out the form below. The more info you can provide the easier it will be for our staff to accommodate your event. If you have any questions prior to submitting your request, please contact Chelsea Reavis: 828-227-2685.

Departments/Organizations may request the use of barricades and/or cones. Whomever the barricades/cones are released to will be responsible for any damages or loss pertaining to the equipment. For questions please contact Chelsea Reavis: 828-227-2685.

If you feel that you need parking staff to be present at your requested closure please note that in the form below. With proper notice, there shouldn’t be an issue as to why an officer won’t be available for your event. Please note, without the presence of an officer you and your department will be responsible for keeping the lot clear and available for the event. 

Parking Operations will not be responsible for the placement of signage pertaining to your event. Parking Operations will place a sign at the entrance to a fully closed lot that says "lot closed".

If you are in need of a directional map for your event, please contact Chelsea Reavis: 828-227-2685.

Special Event Parking Request

Event Information
If necessary, e-mail map with notations to
Your Information
Please ensure you have prior verbal communication or approval from your respective executive council member before submitting this request.
Large events such as 5Ks, athletic events, job fairs, etc. may require additional resources, planning, and coordination. Please submit those requests as soon as possible during your planning process.
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