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Special Events

At Western Carolina University we host hundreds of athletic events, community activities, concerts, meetings, and conferences each year. We have special parking arrangements for many of these events.

Please note that effective July 1, 2014 spaces reserved for events will be $25.00 per space or $1000.00 per lot.

Planning an event? The Parking and Operations team is happy to assist you.

Tips and information on Event Planning

Request Special Event Transportation

Request Special Event Parking

Commencement is held twice annually, once in December and once in May.

Visit the Office of the Registar for more information about Commencement


2021 Football Parking Map 

Are you spending your Saturday in Cullowhee? Here is what you need to know about parking! 


The Stadium parking lot (Lot #10), Bardo Arts Center parking lot (Lot #13), Belk parking lot (Lot #14), Creek parking lot (Lot#9C), Camp parking lot (Lot#4A) and Fieldhouse parking lot (Lot #12) is reserved for tailgating on home football game day. The Stadium lot, Fieldhouse, Belk, Creek, and Camp lots are reserved for the Catamount Club. The Bardo lot is reserved for student tailgating. R.V permits are available for Camp parking lot(Lot#4B) and are available from the athletics department. A permit is required to tailgate in any of these lots. Individuals wishing to tailgate in the Catamount Club tailgate areas should contact the Catamount Club. Students may purchase a permit through the University Center.

Vehicles parked in the lots above must be moved 6 hours before game time or they will be towed.

Parking Procedure: RV Parking for Football Games

RV Registration Form


       This procedure applies to specific lots approved for RV parking on University grounds during scheduled football games.


A Recreational Vehicle (RV) is defined as a self-contained unit equipped with a bathroom, a full kitchen (including refrigerator) and pump-assisted water storage supplying water permanently to a kitchen sink, lavatory sink, and toilet.


          Additional policies that will pertain to the RV permitted lots to consist of:

A)     University Policy #81 “Alcoholic Beverages”

B)     University Policy #103 “Tailgating”

C)     Policy #82 – “Facilities Use”


A)     CAMP LOT # 4B will be used as the RV parking lot for all special events.  Parking in any other lot will require permission from the Director of Parking and Transportation.  Violators will be asked to leave campus immediately

B)     Vehicles must pre-register and display their RV Parking Pass at ALL times.  ALL vehicles must be registered with athletics by Tuesday before the event.  The fee for the weekend permit is $125 regardless of the number of nights.  The fees collected will offset the cost incurred from the third party security firm.

C)     RV parking:

  1. a.     Check in: Friday from 6:00 – 10:00pm; Saturday 8:00 – 10:00am for 3:30 pm Kick-offs and 8:00 – 12:00pm for 6:00pm kick-off
  2. b.     Checkout: Must be cleared by 5:00pm on Sunday

D)    Vehicles will be assigned to a specific numbered space, not to exceed 40’ in lengthOne vehicle per space. No other tents, tables, or outside games shall impede other spaces or emergency vehicle lanes.  No other vehicles will be permitted in this area.  If your RV is a travel trailer you must stay attached to the vehicle and fit inside the 40’ space or purchase multiple permits. 

E)     There is NO water or electricity provided with this Parking Permit.

F)     There is NO dumping of sewage or gray water permitted.

G)    No golf carts, gators, or buggies are permitted.

H)    There will be 12 spaces provided for each event…”First Come, First Serve”

I)      Registering each vehicle:

  1. Athletics office will be responsible for registering and managing RV Parking Permits and CAMP LOT # 4B.
  2. A 3rd party security company will handle check-in and staffed during the Saturday football games.

J)      No Vehicles other than RV’s will be allowed to park in the lot (Lot#4B)

K)     Quiet hours are from 11:00pm – 7:00am


RV Parking Permits will be obtained in the following manner:

A)     Payment is $125.00 per game or $400.00 for the season and will be purchased through Athletics

B)     Must notify/reserve your space by Tuesday prior to each home football game

  1. When registering you must provide: Vehicle information (i.e. length and width)

Enjoy our WCU Tailgate Shuttle during upcoming football games.  All shuttles are ADA equipped and will take all passengers to the top of the Ramsey Center near Gate 4.  



Mountain Heritage Day is an annual festival that combines an old-fashioned mountain fair and showcase for Southern Appalachian music, arts, dance and song, with the atmosphere of a big family reunion.

Visitors to will find three stages of traditional old-time, gospel, and bluegrass music and dance, with plenty of fiddles, banjos, and clogging. Festival-goers are invited to join in workshops at the Circle Tent and participate in shape-note singing, one of the mountains’ sacred traditions. Admission and parking are free so bring your family and experience all that our rich heritage has to offer.

More information on Mountain Heritage Day


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