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Police Training



All WCU police officers must successfully complete the North Carolina Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Program before they are allowed to perform law enforcement duties. The BLET Program is a State accredited program designed to prepare entry level individuals with the cognitive and physical skills to become certified North Carolina law enforcement officers.

The course is comprised of thirty-five separate blocks of instruction. BLET Program graduates must pass a comprehensive, statewide examination before obtaining law enforcement certification from the North Carolina Attorney General's Office.

The WCU Police Department supports the BLET Programs at Southwestern Community College and Haywood Community College.

Each year, the Western Carolina University Police Department provides a limited number of sponsorships to the BLET Program. Individuals desiring to obtain a sponsorship to a BLET Program should contact the Assistant Chief of Police at 828.227.7301 as soon as possible but no less than at least two months before the start of the BLET Program. Individuals desiring sponsorship must successfully pass a background investigation before receiving such sponsorship. Individuals are responsible for all costs associated with the background investigation and BLET Program. The issuing of a sponsorship is not a guarantee of employment with the Western Carolina University Police Department.

The Western Carolina University Police Department partners with the criminal justice academic programs at Western Carolina University, Southwestern Community College, and Haywood Community College to provide internship opportunities. Prospective interns must apply the semester before they intend to begin the internship. Applications may be obtained through the Administrative Lieutenant who may be contacted at 828.227.7301.

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