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Sexual Assault Investigations

Western Carolina campus


W.C.U.P.D.'s Sexual Assault Investigation Policy

Western Carolina University Police's Sexual Assault Investigation Policy's purpose is to provide officers and investigators with guidelines for responding to reports of sexual assault, assisting victims, collaborating with local health and service agencies, and conducting interviews with victims, witnesses, and suspects. Because of the special needs involved in sexual assault investigations, their policy is an all-inclusive document that covers first response, investigation, and prosecution.

Filing a Criminal Reports

Complaints of criminal activity on campus should be filed with WCU's Police Department as it is the University's law enforcement agency. Students and employees of WCU should report all crimes to WCU PD's Police Dispatch Emergency Number (828) 227-8911, or their non-emergency number of (828) 227-7301.

Prompt reporting to WCU's Police Department is important for it facilitates improved investigation and the preservation of evidence. If you prefer not to report alone, you can bring a friend. Reports to WCU's Police Department may form the basis of criminal charges (violations of state or federal law) and/or University discipline cases (violations of Student Code of Conduct). The victim's wishes are always taken into consideration.Once a criminal report is filed with the Western Carolina University Police Department, the decision of criminal prosecute is made at the discretion of the District Attorney. The District Attorney's Office is also responsible for providing the necessary and appropriate follow ups and communications with the complainant.

flow chart of the criminal judicial process

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