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University Policy 30

Use of State-Owned Vehicles

Formerly Executive Memorandum 85-71
Initially Approved: April 25, 1978
Revised: July 1, 1985
Revised: February 2003
Revised: February 1, 2010

Policy Topic: University Facilities and State Owned Property; Business Administration and Auxiliary Services
Administering Office: Motor Pool (Facilities Management Department)

Western Carolina University maintains and operates a fleet of state-owned passenger vehicles (compact, mid-size and full-size sedans; mini and passenger vans; and buses) to provide transportation for the conduct of official state business. Special purpose vehicles (trucks) may be available directly from various University departments. This policy defines official state business, eligible drivers, and conditions for use of vehicles displaying a "state-owned" license plate.

Official Business: Any business, in-state or out-of state, that is sanctioned and/or sponsored by the university.

Eligible Drivers:

All eligible drivers must possess a valid driver’s license applicable to the vehicle being driven.

Any employee compensated through university payroll office working and receiving a paycheck from the state of North Carolina for wages or salary to include administrators, faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students is eligible.

Any graduate student currently enrolled whose educational training requires the use of a state-owned vehicle and whose use is supervised and permitted by the appropriate college is eligible.

Individuals paid an honorarium or stipend (excluding students) or retired state employees not currently in the employ of the state, may not drive state-owned vehicles. Students receiving a stipend from the University are considered to be "employees" if their compensation is directly related to the purpose of the trip.

Any accompanying passenger may assist in driving only if that individual satisfies the definition of "eligible driver" as described above.

Conditions for Use:

In addition to all conditions stated above, other conditions exist:

The driver to whom a State-owned vehicle is issued has responsibility for the vehicle at all times.

Student employee use of vehicles requires Motor Pool request authorization as follows: for academic and administrative support areas, by the department head, dean, vice chancellor, or their designee having appropriate budget and travel approval authority; for student activities, by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or their designee having appropriate budget and travel approval authority; and for Athletic Department activities, the Athletic Director or their designee having appropriate budget and travel approval authority.

When an employee is required to use a state-owned vehicle for travel away from a workstation, the vehicle may be used for travel to obtain meals and other necessities, but not for entertainment or personal purposes. A state-owned vehicle may not be used to obtain meals unless the driver is in an authorized travel status away from a workstation. See travel manual for travel status information: /WebFiles/PDFs/controller_TrvlMnlJuly08_000.pdf

Spouses and children are permitted to accompany state employees in state-owned vehicles when sufficient space is available. Family pets or other such animals are not permitted in state-owned passenger vehicles, excepting those for serving individuals with disabilities.

Non-state employed persons may accompany state employees in state-owned vehicles when they have an interest in the purpose of the trip and their presence is related to state business. They may not assist in driving the vehicle.

The Facilities Management Motor Pool must be notified of any trip cancellation, when a Motor Pool vehicle has been reserved. Vehicles not cancelled prior to the scheduled pick-up time may be charged for the estimated mileage of the trip to be taken, or the state minimum of 60 miles per day, whichever is greater. Such cancellation charge may not exceed $50.

Buses: Buses must be operated in accordance with the policy set forth above. Additionally, the driver must hold a valid Commercial Drivers License (CDL) with a Passenger (P) endorsement.

Trucks: These vehicles are assigned to various university departments and are not generally available for routine use by other departments. If loaned to another department, they must be operated in accordance with the policy cited above; the driver must possess the applicable license; and the user accepts any additional rules the lending department may impose.

Vans: To be eligible to drive a large passenger van, drivers must possess a valid driver's license and complete the Motor Pool van driver safety course prior to making any trip.

Sedans and Mini-vans: To be eligible to drive a sedan, drivers must possess a valid driver's license

Other conditions may apply. To inquire, contact the Facilities Management Motor Pool at 227-7227.

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