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Bright Idea Staff Award


2024 Winner Brenda Holcombe

A special $2,000 cash award is given each year to recognize one SHRA or EHRA non-faculty employee who has suggested an idea, procedure or program that, when implemented, resulted in improved operations. Recipients must be permanent employees who not only submitted an idea that improved cost-effectiveness, safety or convenience; promoted sustainability; and/or solved a problem on campus, but also supported the implementation of the idea in a manner consistent with department procedures and a spirit of promoting collaboration among students, faculty, staff and community members.

Award Criteria

Nominees must be current SHRA or EHRA non-faculty employees who are permanent, full-time at WCU as of December 31st of the prior year are eligible. Those in doubt of an employee's eligibility may call the Office of Human Resources. Previous recipients will not be eligible for this award for a period of five years. The recipient of the award will receive $2,000 and a plaque commemorating his or her selection and will be announced during the Spring Awards Convocation. Any current WCU faculty, staff or student may make one nomination per year. Each nominator must complete an individual nomination form for the current year. Group endorsements, petitions as well as campus-wide letter campaigns to solicit nominations in support of any employee are not permitted. Persons nominated for the award may not participate in the selection of the award winner. Nominations should be submitted through the integrated awards process, however, a hard copy nomination form is available. Each nomination must include a minimum of two paragraphs supporting the nomination and include the nominator's name and title and incomplete nominations will not be accepted by the committee.

Previous Winners


2023 Sibley Bryan 2022 Michael Langford 2021 Zach Phillips
2020 Betsy Aspinwall 2019 Brian Chamberlin 2018 Wes Bentz
2017 David Rathbone 2016 Anne Lane 2015 Fred Bauknecht
2014 Kenneth "Shay" Davis 2013 Steven Allen Leamon 2012 Not awarded
2011 Not awarded 2010 Not awarded 2009 Lauren Bishop
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