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Judy H. Dowell Outstanding Support Staff Award


2024 Winner Kevin Stephens

The Judy H. Dowell Outstanding Support Staff Award is given annually to a current non-exempt SHRA employee for outstanding service at WCU. These employees, WCU’s support staff, are a most important segment of the University as they provide services essential to its operation, and it is certainly fitting that they have an opportunity to be honored for excellence. A $2,000 cash award will be given to the winner and this individual will be recognized at the annual Spring Awards Convocation. Dependability, cooperative spirit, loyalty to the University, and effectiveness in performing assigned duties are qualities to be considered in your selection.


Award Criteria

All current non-exempt SHRA employees who have five years of full-time service at WCU as of December 31 the previous year are eligible. Those in doubt of an employee's eligibility may contact the Office of Human Resources. Previous recipients are not eligible for this award for a period of five years. Any current WCU employee may make one nomination per year, each nominator must complete an individual nomination form. Group endorsements, petitions and campus-wide letter campaigns to solicit nominations in support of any employee are not permitted. Incomplete nominations will not be accepted by the committee. Persons nominated for the award may not participate in the selection of the award winner. Dependability, cooperative spirit, loyalty to the University, and effectiveness in performing assigned duties are qualities that will be important in the selection; however, specific examples of how the employee has "gone beyond the call of duty" or "gone the extra mile" will be helpful to the committee in selecting the individual that is truly Western's "Outstanding" Support Staff Winner. Nominations submitted may not exceed a total of two pages in length and each nomination must be accompanied by a minimum of two paragraphs supporting the nomination. The selection committee will be composed of one employee from each division: Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, the Chancellor's Division, and Student Affairs, the previous chair of the committee, and previous recipients. Appointments to the committee will be made by the Chancellor/Chancellor's designee.

Previous Winners

2023 Anne Aldrich 2022 Melissa Allen 2021 Dina Towey
2020 Gabriel Williams 2019 Wes Bintz 2018 Amy McKenzie
2017 Donna Reynolds  2016 Irene Welch  2015 Sheila Frizzell 
2014 Glenna R. Young  2013 Dawne J. Coward  2012 Shirley Beck
2011 Virginia L. "Jenny" Owen 2010 Rosemarie "Rosie" Greenwood  2009 Cindi Magill
2008 Mark Haskett 2007 Clifton Fisher 2006 Irene Welch
2005 Faye Deitz 2004 Johnny Brooks 2003 Norma Medford 
2002 Shirley Bateman 2001 Susan Winchester 2000 Betty Littrell

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