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Vendors are welcome and encouraged to join us in the Dulcimer Emporium at Dulcimer U, provided the merchandise for sale is dulcimer related. Space is limited and vendors are allotted space on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • The cost for a display table (approximately an 8' x 8" area) is $60.00 for the week and the fee is due at the time of reservation. The vendor fee will be applied toward our Dulcimer U Scholarship Fund.
  • Vendors may purchase additional spaces as needed at a cost of $50, provided those spaces are available at the time of the request.
  • Dulcimer U will make every effort to provide a folding table for our vendors, although we cannot guarantee that there will always be enough tables to go around.
  • Access to electrical outlets must be requested in advance.
  • Wi-Fi is provided by WCU so that vendors may access their online marketplace when making a sale.
  • At no time should vendors apply any sort of hangers, adhesives or advertisements to the walls of the Emporium nor engage in any sort of activity that might result in waste on the floor.
  • Loud music or noises are not permitted as a courtesy to the other vendors.
  • We ask that our vendors coordinate all details with our Emporium Manager, abide by the hours set forth and consult with him/her with any special needs you may have.
  • We also ask that each vendor show our instructional staff the courtesy of not selling the same books and CDs that the staff has for sale at their table.
  • Vendors are expected to leave their space in the same condition they found it. A cleanup fee will be assessed if this policy is not followed.

If you are interested in being a vendor this summer at Dulcimer U, please send an e-mail to with a brief description of the products you have for sale and the amount of space needed.

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