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Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs


Current Programs

To help usher in a new era of growth and success in the outdoor recreation industry, WCU is launching an innovative Professional Outdoor Industry Certificate program with two tracks that offer core workshops in either Small Business and Entrepreneurship or Leadership and Management. The program will provide skills and knowledge to students and learners from a variety of backgrounds who are interested in the outdoor industry, economic development, and the public lands and natural resources policy sectors.

Five-day trainings offered for beginning and advanced grant writers! In the introductory program, participants will learn grant writing essentials beginning with searching for grants all the way through follow-up after receiving a grant. Participants will practice drafting materials for a hypothetical or actual grant and receive feedback from the instructor and other participants in order to build skills with key steps in grant writing. In the advanced grant writing program, participants will develop materials for use in a grant application by their organization.  

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