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Effective Managerial and Supervisory Communication

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How to Build Teams, Give & Receive Constructive Feedback and Manage Conflict
Dates TBD
9 am - 3:30 pm
Registration fee: $139

Registration information coming soon.

SHRM Credits: 6 PDCs (Relationship Management, People)

This program can also be taken as part of our Take 5! Organizational Leadership & Transformation Certificate 

Beyond technical or subject matter expertise, the most important skill for managers and supervisors is communication. Whether it be coaching employees, implementing change initiatives or navigating difficult situations, how managers/supervisors communicate matters. Employee productivity, commitment, morale, retention and job satisfaction are all on the line. Three of the most important managerial/supervisory communication skills revolve around teamwork, performance feedback and conflict management.

Whether you are a new supervisor/manager or seasoned leader looking to grow, in this live and online day-long workshop, you will learn:

How to Build Better Teams

  • Why teams are better than individuals working alone
  • The difference between dysfunctional vs.  functional teams
  • The various roles that team members play to facilitate or impede success
  • The role of emotional intelligence in team leadership

How to Give & Receive Constructive Feedback

  • Why feedback fuels performance
  • The difference between positive, negative and constructive feedback
  • Why training in receiving feedback, as well as giving feedback, is needed
  • The role of emotional intelligence in giving and receiving feedback

How to Manage Conflict Productively

  • Why attitude towards conflict sets the tone for conflict management
  • The potential advantages and disadvantages of various conflict management styles
  • Productive strategies for managing workplace disputes
  • The role of emotional intelligence in conflict management

Instructor Information:

Taught by the highly-engaging communications professor and consultant, Dr. Betty Farmer, this workshop will be INTERACTIVE. Participants will identify their current communication attitudes and practices through self-assessment instruments and build these key managerial/supervisory skills through case study analyses and role-play activities.

Here’s what previous participants have said about Dr. Farmer’s workshops:

 “Dr. Betty Farmer's presentation was engaging and I appreciated that it was interactive.”
“Dr. Farmer! Down to earth, knowledgeable, approachable. Great content.”
“A lot of great information packed into a short amount of time! Enjoyed her presentation and took lots of notes!

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