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Organizational Leadership & Transformation Certificate

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(In a Post Pandemic World)

Take Five and Earn a Certificate!
Online “Live” Instruction Offered each Spring and Fall
Each workshop offers 5.5 SHRM Recertification Credits
Certificate: $625
$159 to $199 per Workshop

We are planning for the 2022 workshop series with dates to be released soon!

The workshops listed below can be taken as stand-alone trainings. Click the "Register Online" link above to register for the full certificate OR click the individual workshop page below to register for the individual workshop. During the registration process, you will be asked which workshops you have an interest in attending. Workshops are offered year-round and can be taken over the course of a year or even two to earn a certificate. By combining workshops and registering for the certificate, you will be getting a 10% discount and will receive a certificate in Organizational Leadership & Transformation Once 5 workshops are completed.

Everything from managing remote employees to living in a world where the line has become blurred between what happens online and offline, means what worked last year could be ineffective in the coming years. Managers and supervisors need to learn how to adapt to a compromised economy and an up-and-coming workforce that’s progressively challenging the “status quo” for work ethics and work habits. New employees may simply not know what it’s like to work in teams before social distancing was imposed, or the nuances of face-to-face customer service.

The health, safety, and well-being of employees is an even stronger focus now, and a sustainable approach to doing business can help organizations to be more resilient in the future. According to Olivier Jan in a recent article, the pandemic has “exposed vulnerabilities” in government and industry which increases the value of an organizations sustainability practices.

Understanding how to plan, strategize and adapt to the disruptions caused by the pandemic, is why managers and supervisor’s need to develop the right tools.

The workshops below will help bring you and your management team into 2021 with the right skills. Designed as 4 to 6-hour online “live” sessions, participants will learn about each topic, while also engaging in hands-on activities and group discussions.


Date TBD
Giving performance feedback is one of the most critical supervisory and managerial communication skills. Feedback needs to be delivered frequently, and in a way that motivates and inspires employees to perform at their peak.

Date TBD
Diversity? Inclusion? A welcoming and inclusive environment? What does it all mean - in practice? These are words we hear across our various sector, yet they are critical to our collective development and future. Diversity in the workplace has been linked to greater performance outcomes, but inclusion is critical for the retention of diverse employees.

Spring 2022 Workshops:

Leading through Crisis
Date TBD
The pandemic of 2020 and its long-term aftereffects have made it clear that leaders face a series of unprecedented challenges as they seek to guide their teams, customers, stakeholders and investors through unchartered waters.

Effective Managerial Change Management
Date TBD
Every organization will undergo change for a variety of reasons. There are proven techniques to ensure your change efforts will be met with acceptance and sustainability. Change is difficult—especially in the workplace.

Effective Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Date TBD
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify and manage our own emotions, as well as tune into and respond appropriately to others’ emotions. High EQ in the workplace is essential.

Effective Managerial and Supervisory Communication
Date TBD
Beyond technical or subject matter expertise, the most important skill for managers and supervisors is communication. Whether it be coaching employees, implementing change initiatives or navigating difficult situations, how managers/supervisors communicate matters. 

New Visions in Leadership Post-Pandemic
Date TBD
As companies and schools, organizations and religious institutions struggle to redefine themselves in the aftermath of COVID-19, the leaders of these organizations are called upon to help chart a new course for their customers, employees and stakeholders.

Get Ready for Generation Z in the Workforce!
Date TBD
Generation Z (also known as the iGeneration or Digital Natives) roughly started between 1996 to 2012. At the moment, that means they are between the ages of  9 and 25. Without a doubt, we all will have to manage someone from the digital age along with diverse multigeneration work culture. What is the perfect mixture? How does one approach a challenging situation with cancel culture being prevalent? With the correct training, communication, and emotional intelligence, any team will have the perfect synergy. 

Fiscal Management: When Budget Cuts Impact Challenging Decisions – Coming soon!

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