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Student Media

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Student run media organizations allow interested students real world experience in print journalism and the development of literary journals.

Western Carolina University students write, edit, design, market, and produce The Western Carolinian as a monthly printed publication and as a virtual news site to serve the information needs of WCU students, faculty, staff, administration, and the greater Jackson/Haywood County communities.

The First Amendment and the public’s right to know guarantee the right to a free press at Western Carolina University. The Editor-in-Chief and newspaper staff are fully responsible for generating the content of the paper. All others should recognize the right of the Editor-in-Chief and newspaper staff to operate a free and responsible press.

Since 1933, it has been the mission of The Western Carolinian to serve the Western Carolina University community by providing thorough coverage of news, sports, entertainment, and culture relevant to current themes, topics, and trends within this community. In addition, The Western Carolinian strives to provide a place for all opinions to be recognized and supported, and to do this in as respectful a manner as possible. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of journalism by providing coverage that is accurate, unbiased, and in the interests of the public.

All students, faculty, staff, and community members are welcome to submit articles or article ideas to The Western Carolinian staff. Opinion pieces are also welcomed. All formatting should follow AP style guidelines. All submitted articles should include sufficient and properly vetted sources. All submissions will be edited and are subject to approval from the Editor-in-Chief.

Have a story idea or a problem you think we can help solve? Email us or leave a message on our tip line at 828-227-2694.

Want to have your ad in The Western Carolinian? Email the Editor.

Our electronic publication can be found online. You can also follow our Instagram to stay up to date on happenings across campus and in Jackson County.

Liam Bridgeman

Liam Bridgeman (he/him/his)

Western Carolina University Class of 2024

College of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to the Gadfly, a satire publication bursting with funny quips and short stories designed to make you think critically about the world around you. Run by the Philosophy and Religion department here at WCU, the Gadfly strives to employ irony, hyperbole, and other satirical elements to acknowledge, engage with, and criticize issues both on campus and in the great world beyond.

Our namesake, the Gadfly, comes from the philosophical texts of Plato in which Socrates describes himself as a Gadfly to the people of Athens, using his biting words to expose them to their own ignorance and push them to take action on the issues he reveals.

We hope to follow in Socrates’s footsteps, using humor and satire to reveal the issues all around us that may or may not be on everyone’s radar so that they may take a more active role in the pursuit of truth and in their own lives; or at least find a much needed laugh to brighten their day.

You can read more about what we do!

Interested in writing for the Gadfly? Email the editor(s) or join our Engage page!

Not much of a writer but still interested in participating? Email the editor about helping out with the graphic design of the publication!

Still not sure about working with us? No Problem! Satire will not reach anyone if there is no audience to react to it. Find our publication in the Philosophy and Religion Department or email the editor to see what we have! We try to produce two issues a year so look for new copies at the end of each semester.

Madelin McEuen

Madelin McEuen


The Nomad is WCU’s student-run literary and art magazine which features works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography by WCU's best student artists. New issues are published every year in the spring. 

Since 1963, the Nomad has seeked to give students a place to share their artistic voice and tell their stories. Through nearly a hundred issues, the Nomad has been the first step for many university students into the world of publication. The history of the organization goes back even further than that, with editions under the name "Catastrophe" going back into the 50s. Each edition has used the finest available printing technology to immortalize the thoughts and dreams of the student body.

The Nomad works closely with the English department to judge the annual LitFest Creative Writing Contest, which offers cash prizes to student writers. Winners also receive automatic publication in our next issue and a chance to read their pieces aloud at the WCU Spring Literary Festival.

The Nomad staff is always looking for new members. No prior experience is required—just an interest in writing or graphic design! The Nomad is an excellent way to get publication experience and create a tangible product Catamounts can put on their resume! Simply send an email if you're interested in joining.

To get your work published, students can also email us. Written pieces should be less than 2000 words and in .docx format. Visual pieces should be submitted as a PNG or JPEG. Visual art and poetry submissions are limited to three per author. 

If you have further questions, email the Editor, Jared Ross.

Jared Ross

Jared Ross,


Follow the Nomad on Instagram.

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