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Dean of Students

Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Students

We are committed to helping with the holistic development of all our students. It is important to us that our students are challenged but also supported throughout their four years here. The Dean of Students serves as a resource for all students with the goal of cultivating a supportive campus community for everyone. The office also serves as a primary contact for parents and families of WCU students. The goal of the Dean of Students is to promote and enhance a supportive campus community that is based upon community principles and values student advocacy.

The WCU campus community creates opportunities, educates students on the value of living in a diverse, dynamic global community and encourages the personal and professional development of each student. We’re dedicated to maintaining an inclusive, safe, student-focused environment. Students receive proactive education on developing positive, healthy relationships and appropriate communication and conflict management skills as well as making informed decisions pertaining to alcohol and drug use.

We want everyone to feel comfortable walking in or calling our office and asking questions. We truly care about every student at WCU and appreciate every moment we get. Our office is in HFR 227, do not hesitate to stop by for support or a quick conversation. We take great pride in the success of our students and providing them with resources to navigate college.  Below are some resources to help with that navigation:

It is our goal to make your college experience a very fulfilling and successful one. We will support you in your educational and personal goals by connecting you to resources and helping you resolve issues and complaints.

Meet our Staff


Complaints and Concerns

Freshmen Run


Anyone can submit a complaint/concern and we will follow up on those submissions once received. 


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Student Emergency Fund



This resource is funded by staff, faculty, students, alumni and family members generous contributions directly and indirectly through the Catamount Legacy Walk.




Catamount Community Courses

Students at Valley BallyHoo


A set of recommended education modules that equip students with skills and resources to navigate college and beyond. We also provide supplemental courses if students wish to learn more about themselves and others.


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