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Coordination of Health Care

Health Services is ready to provide primary care services to you while you are a student at WCU; however, the relationship you already have established with your providers, both primary and specialty care is very important for your overall health. The providers on campus can coordinate with your home providers the care that you need while you are away from home. If you are currently receiving care for a chronic, or ongoing health issue, or you see a provider routinely for medication management, there are steps that you can begin now. 

Release of Information

  • If you are receiving ongoing care for a medical condition that you would like Health Services to be aware of, please complete a medical release of information and request records from your current provider.
  • If you have received care in Health Services and would like your medical records sent to other medical providers, please complete a medical release of information, and request your records be sent to the other provider.
  • The release of information form should be filled out completely, including the types of records you want to be shared along with specific dates of services.  

Medication Management

  • If you wish to transfer care for ongoing medication management, schedule an appointment in health services early in the semester to become an established patient.
  • Medications that are classified as controlled substances, for instance medications for ADD or ADHD, require medical records from the provider that is currently prescribing those medicines.
  • New patients that have not previously taken a medication may require testing and evaluation before medications are prescribed. 

Immunotherapy/Allergy Shots

  • If you wish to transfer administration of allergy shots to Health Services, schedule an appointment early in the semester with the allergy clinic nurse. 
  • You will be required to bring your serums to Health Services for storage and administration. 
  • The nurse will coordinate with your allergy specialist, sending ongoing treatment records and alerts for serum refills. 
  • The nurse will remain in contact with the prescribing provider throughout the semester as you receive your shots. 
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