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Convenient Care for Employees

Call Health Services at (828) 227-7640 to schedule an appointment before coming to the Bird Building. 

Rapid Access Care for Illness or Injury

Triage Care: Registered Nurses triage acute health care concerns, by telephone or in person.
Sick Visits:  Acute medical illnesses, including respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal illnesses, and rashes.
Accidents/Injuries: Initial triage and evaluation of injuries. Radiology evaluation is ordered through our local radiology department at Harris Regional Hospital in Sylva. Limited splinting/casting is available at Health services.
Nurse Visits: Wound care, blood pressure checks, ear lavage, pregnancy testing and/or emergency contraception.
Non-Invasive Surgical Procedures: Suturing of minor wounds, abscess irrigation and debridement, wart removal, and ingrown toenail removals.

Other Medical Services

Brief Physical Exams: Examinations or testing required for university duties and clearance. Examples include: N95 medical clearance, employment clearance, testing for travel for university business.

Laboratory Services

In-House Hematology and Chemistry: Complete Blood Counts and Comprehensive Metabolic Panels can be performed in house.
On-site Rapid Diagnostics: Strep testing, influenza testing, Covid-19 testing, pregnancy testing, urinalysis, sickle cell screening, and pregnancy tests.
Reference Labs: Health Services utilizes an external reference lab for processing labs that cannot be performed in-house.
Specimen Collection: Lab specimens for orders from licensed medical providers external to Health Services can be collected and sent to the reference lab for processing. Results will be returned to the ordering provider. 

Pharmacy Services

Electronic Prescribing:  All prescription medications are prescribed electronically and will be sent to the retail pharmacy of the patient’s choice.
Health Services Pharmacy: Onsite pharmacy that offers a limited formulary of select medications commonly prescribed by Health Services’ providers. This pharmacy cannot accept prescriptions from external providers.
Over the Counter Retail Sales: Common over the counter medications including pain relievers, decongestants, anti-acids, topical ointments and first aid supplies are available for purchase.

Injection Services

Immunizations: Tdap, Td Boosters, MMR, Hepatitis B,  and Flu vaccines are available.
Immunotherapy/Allergy Serums: Allergy injections are offered through coordination with the ordering provider. To participate in this service, patients are required to bring their allergy serum and physician's orders for the administration of the allergy injections to the allergy clinic.

Learn more about coordination of care

Please refer to University Policy #80 for more details.

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