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What is a Student Concern?

If you are concerned about a student, please call the Student Affairs office at 828.227.7147 and you will be directed to appropriate personnel.

  • The term Student Concern is a designation used to coordinate clear communication, effective teamwork, and formulate an appropriate response to the situation. Examples include, but are not limited to:
  • Death, injury, or illness: in residence hall, community, at WCU-sponsored event or activity; of student or staff away from campus; of a student’s or staff’s family members; of a local, state, national, or global VIP.
  • Health or welfare-threatening situations, such as: natural disasters (e.g. earthquake, storm, loss of water or power, fire, hazardous material release, etc.); assaults (e.g. bomb threats, explosions, hostage taking, sniper/shooting, physical or sexual assaults, rape, fights, kidnapping, etc.); epidemics (e.g. measles, meningitis, hepatitis, food poisoning, flu, etc.); military actions or acts of war; missing persons; suicide attempts; civil disobedience (e.g., political or religious protests, athletic event demonstration, riots, crowd control, etc.); major criminal arrest of a WCU community member; events which could adversely alter public perception of the University or create an atmosphere of fear or unrest.
  • Or any other situation that has widespread implications for or potential impact on students, and the university community.
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