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Elizabeth Tait

Elizabeth Tait

Associate Professor

College of Health and Human Sciences

School of Health Sciences

Contact Information

Phone: 828.775.9095


While I’ve spent years teaching, I am not your 'normal' professor - I was a computer scientist with DuPont for 20 years. When DuPont shut down, I pursued WCUs MHS Gerontology degree followed by UNCC PhD in Health Services research. I graduated in 2010 and have been teaching in the MHS program since 2011 and love it. The MHS program has evolved from partially in-person program to the now totally on-line program it is today. My students range from fresh from college to students who, like me, are looking for an encore career. Sadly, our MHS program no longer offers a gerontology concentration, but does offer other concentrations including Management (my focus), Education and EMS. My management focus stems from my management experience at DuPont. My teaching focus in every course I teach is simple: Teacher Teach. I want my students to get the value for the education they paid for. The BioStats course I inherited has been overhauled entirely. Students now know what statistical method is appropriate for their data and their research question. I couldn’t be more proud.


  • Ph D, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • MHS, Western Carolina University
  • BS, University of North Carolina at Asheville

Teaching Interests

Teaching was an ‘accidental’ career for me. Having recently been a student myself, I am adamant that Teachers Teach! There is more to teaching than waving the material before students and rewarding those few who ‘get it’. Teaching is more than reading from a power point and grading on notes read, not shared. I’m a believer in the three learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic, and I try to organize my teaching to accommodate all three. Teaching is also listening to and adjusting to the needs of each student. Connecting is important. Student love that their emails get quick response.

Research Interests

Dr. Tait’s research interests have focused on Older Americans use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Her current publications include “A Case-Control, Multi-Site Study of the Effects of Laughter Yoga on Participants’ Biometrics,” “Reasons Why Older Americans Use Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Costly or Ineffective Conventional Medicine and Recommendations from Health Care Providers, Family and Friends,” “Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine For Physical Performance, Energy, Immune Function, and General Health among Older Women and Men in the United States,”“Praying for Health by Older Adults in the United States: Differences by Ethnicity, Gender, and Income.

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