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Liberal Studies Program

Core Curriculum - Liberal Arts


We are preparing students to become contributing, informed citizens in a global community through a Liberal Studies Curriculum designed to shape critical thinking, strengthen effective communication, and develop informed decision-making skills.

Each of Western Carolina University's bachelor's degree programs includes courses in liberal studies as a part of the Undergraduate Core.

"Liberal education is built on these values: it aspires to nurture the growth of human talent in the service of human freedom." William Cronon, from The American Scholar, Volume 67, No. 4, Autumn 1998. 


These courses are designed to help each student attain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of an educated person. They also learn to use information and technology responsibly, develop an appreciation for the creative and performing arts, and form a basis for continued personal development and lifelong learning.

Additionally, some of these courses promote the development of personal characteristics such as behavior characterized by honesty, integrity, and responsibility; service to others; awareness of and sensitivity to the concerns of diverse people and cultures; and commitment to stewardship of the natural and cultural environment.

Liberal Studies Curriculum

These courses account for a total of 42 semester hours of a bachelor's degree program and are broken out into the following categories: 

  • The Core(21 hours)
  • The Perspectives (18 hours)
  • The First-Year Seminar (3 hours)

You can explore the course options available for the Undergraduate Core in the Liberal Studies section of the Undergraduate Catalog

Liberal Studies Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Student Learning Outcomes 

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