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Release of Student Information

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Before any WCU administrative office can discuss most specific issues pertaining to a student’s records with third parties, we must have consent from the student. University personnel must be able to verify a student's identity before discussing the student's academic records by telephone or through an outside party (unaffiliated with WCU) email address.

If a student or individual a student has approved access for wish to discuss private academic records or other information with University personnel, the below must be completed beforehand.

DIRECTIONS for accessing, establishing, and modifying proxy access profiles for your student account:

  • From your MyWCU account page, click on “search menu” in the top left corner and type “proxy” into the search bar.
  • Click on “Manage proxy access to my student record”.

If creating a new proxy permission, click on “add new” in the top right corner:

  • Fill in the required information boxes for the person you are giving permission to including an active email account.
  • Select relationship to the person you are giving permission to.
  • Apply a start and stop date.
    • The stop date automatically populates 4 years from start date.  If you would like the permission to end before that date, please make sure to indicate when you wish the permission to end.
  • Place information in the “description” box indicating why this permission is being given.
  • Create and apply a passphrase which will be shared with the individual receiving permission via their email account.
  • Select the areas where the person receiving the proxy permission can request information on your behalf.
  • Select “select all” for blanket permission over all areas.
  • Click “submit”.

If managing a previously established proxy permission:

  • Find the proxy profile you would like to modify.
    • If deleting/removing, click on the "garbage can icon" located below the profile information.
    • If adjusting/editing an existing profile, click on the "pencil icon" located below the profile information.
      • Follow the instructions under creating a new profile for adjusting/editing.
      • Communication and history for this profile can be viewed for each account by clicking on “history” and “communication” tabs near the top of the screen.


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