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Parents and Advising

A student's college years are full of opportunities for growth and development. The move away from home and toward independence can be liberating as well as stressful for students and parents. Your support and encouragement will continue to play an important role during this transition.

How Parents Can Help

  • Encourage your student to establish strong relationships with advisors and faculty – this develops social adeptness and promotes independence, self-responsibility, self-advocacy and confidence.

  • Encourage your student to get involved in campus clubs and organizations – this provides another connection to WCU as well as career-related exposure and skills.

  • Encourage your student to seek help with difficult classes AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. Receiving assistance at the first sign of difficulty in a course is often the key to achieving success in the classroom. Advisors and faculty members are available by appointment to meet with students. Tutoring resources are also available – at no additional charge.

  • If your student has declared a major, encourage him or her to explore that major with a faculty advisor – they can discuss course requirements, internship possibilities and potential job opportunities.

  • If your student is still deciding, talk with him or her about personal interests, skills, likes and dislikes, and how these fit with the world of work. Advisors are a great sounding board for a student's vocational ideas, and frequently assist students in scheduling an appointment with a career counselor in our Center for Career and Professional Development.

  • Above all, maintain open communication with your student about grades and academic progress. The difference between college and high school academics and expectations is vast. There will be an adjustment period – count on it! Your student needs the opportunity to gain independence during this transition.

  • The Advising Center will be happy to discuss any general concerns you have regarding your student's academic progress. However, we are not at liberty to discuss actual grades, grade point average, or academic standing without the student's permission – see Release of Student Information.
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