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Learning Contract Program (LC 101: College Success Seminar)

The Learning Contract Program (LC 101: "College Success Seminar") is a course designed to connect students with advisors or other staff members to support their academic success. Students who are placed on Academic Warning following their first semester or who return to the university with a GPA lower than 2.0 are required to enroll in the program for one semester. Throughout this semester, students work with their LC 101 instructor to develop a success plan to return to Good Academic Standing. Students in the Learning Contract Program must earn a grade of "Satisfactory" in LC 101, along with meeting the terms of their academic standing, to continue enrollment at WCU.

LC 101 Requirements

LC 101: "College Success Seminar" is a 0-credit course that is graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. In order to earn a grade of "Satisfactory," students must complete all of the following:

  • Attend the initial class meeting for LC 101 during the first week of the semester
  • Attend four (4) scheduled individual meetings with their course instructor throughout the semester (instructors will provide dates/locations/instructions regarding these meetings)
  • Complete any additional activities their instructor may assign

LC 101 is designed to connect students to their network of support; as such, instructors may assign additional activities to facilitate this connection. Past activities have included meeting with a tutor in the Writing and Learning Commons, making an appointment with Counseling and Psychological Services, visiting office hours for a specific professor, or calculating academic standing based on a student's current performance.

Student Testimonials

The following comments are from students who took LC 101 in the Spring 2021 semester. Read what they have to say!

"[My instructor] helped me in many ways. She helped me with learning the websites and finding articles for my papers. She has also helped me with my writing skills and shared her experience with me. She helped me in every way I have needed. It was a huge support for me."

"[LC 101] gave me resources to stay on top of how much work I had to complete. It also helped me manage work, classes, social obligations, and other things."

"LC 101 helped hold me accountable for the semester and aim to do my best in my classes. It also helped me understand WCU better as a transfer student."

"LC 101 taught me multiple different ways to manage my schooling such as using a planner, creating a defined schedule, and taking better care of myself mentally. The course also kept me motivated throughout the semester through continuous meetings and easy assignments that allowed me to look at my own progress and growth throughout the semester. I appreciated that my instructor was extremely kind and understanding of my circumstances and worked with me when I really needed the extra help. This type of patience made the course the most helpful."

LC 101 Registration

The Office of Student Retention manually registers students in LC 101 before the beginning of each semester; students cannot sign up for the course on their own. Students who believe the should be in LC 101 and have not registered for a section before the first day of class should contact the Office of Student Retention at or 828.227.7171 immediately!

Students enrolled in LC 101 should not drop the class from their schedule. Dropped LC 101 could be considered a violation of a student's action plan or academic standing and may result in their schedule being dropped.

For more information, please contact the Office of Student Retention.

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