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Writing Fellows

The WCU Writing Fellows Program provides focused, genre-specific support for undergraduate writing. The program began in 2007 and works with a variety of majors and departments. This model was updated Fall 2022 to expand access for both faculty and students. Current Writing Fellows can also be found on our Current Tutor Assignments in the Faculty Toolbox.

Writing Fellows Program vs. General Writing Tutoring:

While our general writing tutors will do their best to help you, they haven’t seen every type of assignment, and you may have a project they’re not familiar with. Unlike the writing tutors, writing fellows are specialists in certain types of writing. If, for example, you want to meet with a tutor who knows how to write a screenplay and knows what elements your professors are looking for, you should book a session with our Film and Television Production writing fellow. You don’t have to be enrolled in a class to visit a writing fellow—maybe you’re working on a short story in your spare time and would like to get a second opinion from our fiction writing fellow. See our list below for more examples and information on the types of writing covered by writing fellows.

Writing fellow sessions are one hour long and must be booked 24 hours in advance. If you need something sooner, you can contact the writing fellow assigned to the genre you need, and they may be able to work with you. We keep records of every session, so if you need us to send proof to your professor that you came to tutoring, just ask!

For more information, contact: 
Haylee Wilkie, Associate Director

Read Below for Spring 2023 Semester's Genres and Writing Fellows:


Book an Appointment with Dylan Huscusson

  • AP Dates
  • AP Addresses
  • Press/News Releases


Book an Appointment with Jared Ross

    • Style
    • Characterization
    • Plot
    • Thematic Development
    • Pacing


Book an Appointment with Olivia Padgett

  • Lesson Planning
  • edTPA
  • Tk20
  • Education based papers and other assignments



Book an Appointment with Mason

  • Formatting of BLAW/IRAC papers
  • Help with research techniques
  • General help with citations and grammar


Book an Appointment with Zach Wise

  • In-text citations
  • Bibliographies and annotated bibliographies
  • Research papers


Book an Appointment with Eden Punch

The PEN (Pathways to Equity in Nursing) Scholars program is a multi-faceted program created to identify students from disadvantaged backgrounds and provide them with support to help foster a climate that supports diversity and inclusive excellence in nursing. 


Book an Appointment with Jared Ross

  • Style
  • Argumentation
  • Chicago format
  • Use of evidence
  • Unity of paper


Book an Appointment with Sydney Birch

  • Professional tone
  • Formatting
  • Grammar
  • APA citations
  • Finding evidence-based research 


Book an Appointment with  Alex Torres

  • Treatment Plans
  • Organization 
  • Creating goals
  • APA citations 
  • Writing objectives 

Here’s how the program works:
Writing fellows are carefully selected and trained peer tutors who provide support for styles of writing that challenge students new to the field. Examples of genres writing fellows can be selected for include lab reports, screenplays, treatment plans, SOAP notes, technical writing, and program notes.

Students from any class and at any point in their writing process may make appointments with writing fellows. Faculty who assign writing in a genre covered by these fellows are encouraged to communicate with the tutors and send assignments and examples to help the tutors make good use of their time in sessions. 

Additional duties include classroom visits, staff meetings, and regular meetings with faculty members. Fellows collaborate with the Writing and Learning Commons' director, associate director, faculty, and other fellows.

Fellows are chosen in a highly competitive application process. Candidates must demonstrate exceptional oral and written communication skills, intellectual curiosity, attention to detail, mature judgment, and an interest in helping others become better writers. Fellows are required to enroll in a one-credit course on the theory and practice of peer tutoring. Fellows are hired based on available funding and demand. 

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