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International Student Consultations

International Student Consultants are primarily writing tutors who facilitate one-on-one or small group sessions with International and ESL students, with emphasis on developing conversational skills, understanding the American university system and faculty expectations, and familiarizing students with available resources.

What can an International Student Consultant do?

  • Explain the resources at WCU and in the surrounding community
  • Discuss American customs, traditions, and processes
  • Help you read and understand syllabuses, assignments, and other documents
  • Tutor for writing assignments
  • Practice speaking English with you
  • Help you communicate with professors by showing you how to write a professional email and how to ask your professors for help

What International Student Consultants will not do:

  • Edit or fix your papers
  • Do your homework for you
  • Talk to professors for you
  • Make phone calls or write emails for you

To make an appointment, visit the WaLC in Belk 207, or call 828-227-2274.

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