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Become a Math and/or a Computer Science Tutor

Are you interested in working in the MaCS Tutoring Center?

Students at WCU who are interested in tutoring mathematics have two options.  They can apply to become a Drop-in Tutor or a Course Tutor.  Both options are explained in detail below.  First, however, in order to be eligible for consideration, candidates need a written recommendation from a WCU Math and Computer Science Department Faculty member who has taught them math and/or computer science.  **(Did you take your math or computer science courses at another institution? Please reach out to the MaCS TC Director for instructions on how to apply without taking your math and/or computer science at WCU.**  To obtain a letter of recommendation, candidates should approach a Faculty member towards the end of the term in which they are enrolled in their math and/or computer science class(es), and respectfully explain to the Faculty member that they are interested in tutoring math and/or computer science.  MCS Faculty are familiar with the process and will use their own judgement to determine whether a letter is appropriate, based on the student's performance in their class, as well as their overall sense of the student's ability to work with their peers.  MCS Faculty are the only Faculty at WCU who can recommend a tutor to the MaCS TC. 

Once a student obtains a recommendation and the MaCS TC Director recieves that recommendation from MCS Faculty, the candidate will be contacted by the MaCS TC Director about the next available dates for an interview.  The MaCS TC Hiring Committee is made up of MaCS TC tutors and the Director, and this Committee reviews the list of applicants and facilitates interviews.   Interviews are usually conducted during the latter half of the spring or fall semester, unless there is an immediate need for new MaCS TC staff.  *Any exceptions to this are considered on a case by case basis, between the student and the MaCS TC Director, and/or the MaCS TC Hiring Committee, and any other necessary faculty or staff.  The recommendation can be in the form of an email, and should be sent to the Director of the MaCS TC at  Any questions about this process should also be sent to the MaCS TC Director: students are encouraged to come by the MaCS TC and speak with a representative or the Director about any questions they have.  We want to know if you are interested in tutoring!

Drop-in Tutor Eligibiltiy

Drop-in Tutors in the MaCS TC are responsible for helping clients with math and computer science content across multiple curricula.  The range of math and computer science a drop-in tutor may be asked to help their peers and clients with could be as basic as beginning algebraic concepts, beginning programming and coding languages, or statistics and probabiltiy, and can be as complex as Logic and Proofs and Ordinary Differential Equations.  Drop-in Tutors in the MaCS TC are expected to help (or at least attempt to help, short of giving incorrect information) with any math and computer science problems our clients bring into the center.  This is not an easy job!  Drop-in Tutors are extremely hard-working, and can often be asked to help with subjects they have not seen in many years (such as basic algebraic and statistical concepts and basic coding), and may be asked to help with something they have not seen before at all (training and peer support is always available in the MaCS TC for these scenarios, and we do not expect you to know all the answers, we just expect that if nothing else, your mathematical prowess allows you to help a student at least approach a problem methodically, and communicate regularly with faculty whenever help is needed, or work with your peers in the center).  Therefore, candidates for drop-in tutoring positions are typically at the sophomore or junior level, depending on thier previous studies before enrolling at WCU.  Students who are interested in becomming a Drop-in Math and/or Computer Science Tutor must meet at least ONE of the options below, regarding eligibilty requirements, in order to be considered for a postion:

OPTION ONE (for Math tutors):

  • Earn at least a B+ in Calculus II (MATH 255) AND
  • Be enrolled in Statistical Methods I (MATH 270) or Probability and Statistics I (MATH 370)
  • AND uccessfully obtain a letter of recommendation from an MCS faculty member that states why the candidate would potentially be a successful MaCS TC Drop-in Tutor.

OPTION TWO (for Math tutors):

  • Pass Calculus III with at least a B+
  • Be enrolled in or have earned at least a B+ in Probability and Statistics I (MATH 370)
  • Successfully obtain a letter of recommendation from an MCS Faculty member that states why the candidate would potentially be a successful MaCS TC Drop-in Tutor.


  • Complete CS 150 and 151
  • AND successfully obtain a letter of recommendation from an MCS faculty member that states why the candidate would potentially be a successful MaCS TC Drop-in Tutor.

Course-specific Tutor Eligibility

MaCS TC Course tutors do not typically work in the Drop-in center, but offer appointments in various locations around campus (which often occurs inside one of the MaCS TC's private tutoring rooms, or in classrooms and other appropriate places on campus).  Course-specific MaCS TC tutors set up their own availabilities to tutor when and where they are able, based on their schedules and locations.  Course-specific tutors are responsible for keeping up with their appointments, appointment reports, and for logging their own work hours.  Further, MaCS TC Course tutors

  • Earn at least a B+ in the course for which they would like to tutor
  • AND Successfully obtain a letter of recommendation from an MCS Faculty member that states why the candidate would potentially be a successful MaCS TC Course Tutor.

Tutor Training

All MaCS TC tutors must complete training within their first academic year of becomming a tutor.  The MaCS TC and the WaLC partner together to provide training and Tutor Certification.   Please Note: Failure to complete the training within the required time frame may result in inelgibility to continue tutoring. 
Learn more about WCU's Tutor Training Program (MaCS TC and WaLC)


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