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History Department


history student


The study of history provides knowledge vital to the creation of an educated citizenry. Without an understanding of the past, the present is incomprehensible. Studying the events of the past and the lives of our recent and remote ancestors allows you to see all that has shaped us and today’s world.

As a history major, you will learn the skills of analysis, interpretation, written communication, and critical thinking—skills highly valued in today’s marketplace. Our aim is to prepare you not only for your future career, but also to provide you the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Whether you’re enrolled in the undergraduate program or the graduate program, our expert faculty will prepare you for your future—both inside the classroom and outside through special opportunities such as internships and co-operative experiences and a wide variety of courses from ancient Greece and Rome, medieval and modern Europe, Colonial America, Latin America, Atlantic World, modern Asia, women’s history, African-American history, Cherokee history, Appalachian culture, and public history.

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