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Graduate Biology Courses

Course# Credit Hours Course Name Instructor Semester Course is Offered
BIOL 512 3 Cellular and Molecular Immunology Powell Spring
BIOL 513 4 Principles of General Microbiology O'Connell Fall
BIOL 515 3 Plant Physiology Harris Fall even years
BIOL 516 3 Plant Molecular Biology Harris Fall odd years
BIOL 518 4 Advanced Techniques for Microscopy Youker Spring
BIOL 519 4 Cell Biology Bose Spring
BIOL 520 3 Darwin's Origin of Species Costa Spring odd years
BIOL 521 4 Methods in Cell and Molecular Biology Storm & Youker Fall even years
BIOL 522 4 Forensic Biology West, Hickman, Bintz Fall
BIOL 525 4 Flora of the Southern Appalachians K. Mathews Spring even years
BIOL 535 4 Aquatic Ecology Martin Fall odd years
BIOL 553 3 Principles of Systematics K. Mathews & Lima Da Silveira Fall odd years
BIOL 555 4 Vascular Plants K. Mathews Spring odd years
BIOL 561 3 Molecular Medicine Coan Spring
BIOL 564 4 Brewing Methods & Evaluation O'Connell Spring even years
BIOL 567 3 Bioststistics Larouche Spring
BIOL 570 4 Biology of Arthropods Lima Da Silveira Fall even years
BIOL 571 4 Animal Behavior Hyman Spring even years
BIOL 572 4 Ornithology Hyman Spring odd years
BIOL 573 4 Microbial Ecology O'Connell Spring odd years
BIOL 576 4 Contemporary Fisheries Martin Fall even years
BIOL 577 4 Herpetology Pechmann Spring
BIOL 578 3 Parasitology J. Mathews Spring even years
BIOL 579 4 Mammalogy Rockhill Fall odd years
BIOL 589 3 Cooperative Education in Biology Powell Fall and Spring
BIOL 593 3 Advanced Studies in Biology STAFF as sheduled
Host–Microbe Interactions (Velásquez Landmann),
Biological Collections (K. Mathews & Lima Da Silveira),
Conservation Genetics (Hickman)
CHEM 550 3 Advanced Biochemistry Wallen every other Fall
CHEM 562 3 Molecular Bioinformatics Gainey Spring odd years
CHEM 564 3 Genomics Wallen or Gainey every other Fall
CHEM 575 1 Biochemistry Laboratory Gainey Spring odd years
BIOL 632 3 Biogeography Costa Spring even years
BIOL 642 4 Population and Community Ecology Pechmann Fall even years
BIOL 675 4 Advanced Methods in Ecology and Evolution Heiling & Pechmann Spring odd years
BIOL 693 3 Topics in Biology STAFF as scheduled
BIOL 696 1 Seminar in Biology STAFF Fall and Spring
BIOL 697 2 Introduction to Graduate Studies K. Mathews Fall
BIOL 699 3 Thesis K. Mathews Fall and Spring
BIOL 799 2 Continuing Research K. Mathews Fall and Spring


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