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Laboratory Safety



All individuals who perform experiments in a laboratory environment must complete appropriate safety training.  Likewise, all individuals must read and understand the appropriate WCU hygiene plans as well as lab-specific chemical hygiene plans and standard operating procedures posted in the laboratory in which they are working.  Researchers should  attest that they have reviewed all materials and agree to abide by all safety guidelines contained therein .  
In addition to hygiene plan and SOP review, undergraduate research students must complete additional safety training.  Undergraduate researchers should consult with their research advisor on the appropriate safety training materials to review for their lab.  Training materials are linked here for Chemical Safety, Biological Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens Safety, and Laser Safety.  Once all appropriate training materials have been reviewed, undergraduate researchers should attest that they have reviewed all materials, complete relevant safety training assessments, and agree to abide by all safety guidelines contained therein .  

The Department of Chemistry and Physics, in conjunction with the College of Arts & Sciences, operates a chemical stockroom located in 202 Natural Sciences Building.  Likewise, chemicals are stored in all research laboratories and several teaching lab preparation areas throughout Natural Sciences Building and Stillwell Science Building.

up-to-date inventory of chemical locations and their associated Safety Data Sheets (on-campus users, only)

Mr. Wesley Bintz, College of Arts & Sciences Research Operations Manager
204 Natural Sciences Building, 828-227-2270,

Ms. Amanda Lytle, Safety & Risk Management Lab Safety Officer

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