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Natural Resource Conservation and Management Program

Fisheye view from the forest floor


The Natural Resource Conservation and Management (NRCM) Program offers you a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Natural Resource Conservation and Management with coursework in forest resources, fisheries and wildlife management, and soil and water conservation.

Why choose Western Carolina? Located in the heart of the southern Appalachians and surrounded by 6,000-foot peaks, national forests, national parks, and some of the highest biological diversity in the world, the NRCM program at WCU boasts a natural laboratory for hands-on learning, perfect for studying the protection and sustainable use of natural resources.

The NRCM program focuses on preparing students to evaluate forest, soil, and water conditions and to apply techniques used in the protection and restoration of terrestrial and aquatic systems, as well as prepares students for careers in the conservation and sustainable management of forested lands and the resources they support. Demand for students trained NRCM continues to rise as society aims to balance economic growth and increased development with resource conservation and protection.

Students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in NRCM have many career and educational options. Our alumni are employed with state and federal resource management agencies, conservation organizations, soil and water conservation districts, environmental consulting firms, and many other organizations. Others have chosen to pursue graduate school.

In a nutshell… we offer opportunities to learn and work outdoors and LOVE WHAT YOU DO!

Bachelor of Science in NRCM Requirements and Course Descriptions


NRCM Internship Opportunities

Paid internships are available to support students who participate in research projects or stewardship activities related to natural resource conservation and management. Interns are paid by the hour; additional support may be available for equipment, supplies, and travel. Download the documents below for more information.

Forest Stewards Internships

Faculty and Staff

Natural resource conservation and management is an interdisciplinary program in which the faculty, practicing experts of their field, will teach you to apply your knowledge and experiences towards managing and conserving natural resources.

Peter Bates

NRCM Professor, Forest Stewards

Keith Gibbs

NRCM Assistant Professor

Aimee Rockhill

NRCM Associate Professor, Wildlife & Forestry Club Sponsor

Diane Styers

Department Head, NRCM Associate Professor

Yang Yang

NRCM Assistant Professor

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