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Undergraduate Programs in Cherokee Studies

Cross-cultural, interdisciplinary learning a hot commodity

Our students are diverse—Native American, traditional and non-traditional—and they come to the Cherokee Studies program for a variety of reasons. Indian students are especially interested in answering personal questions about identity and heritage while Indian and non-Indian students alike seek to learn more about subjects on Native American culture, art, history, politics and public policy.

Whether you’re thinking about joining the program for a career in history or public policy, or for academic or personal advancement, you should know that cross-cultural interdisciplinary learning is a hot commodity in today’s world and will give you skills that are invaluable, wherever you go from here.

Interdisciplinary Minor

We offer an interdisciplinary minor degree in Cherokee Studies that is housed in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, one of the interdisciplinary programs offered within the College of Arts and Sciences. Required courses within this minor include those from the Departments of History, Anthropology and Sociology, Art and Design, World Languages, as well as Arts and Sciences Interdisciplinary and University Studies Interdisciplinary courses. In the future we hope to include additional departments within this degree program including geosciences and natural resources and English.

Minor requires 18 hours, including:

  • ANTH 473: Contemporary Cherokee Culture and Society (3)
  • CHER 101: Experiencing Cherokee and the Cherokee-Speaking World (3)
  • Either: HIST 352 OR NAS 470: Cherokee History (3)

9 hours of electives selected from:

  • ANTH 362: Southeastern Archaeology (3)
  • ANTH 379: Cherokee Arts and Crafts (3)
  • ANTH 421: Cherokee Archaeology (3)
  • ANTH 461:  Indians of North America (3)
  • ART 379: Cherokee Arts and Crafts (3)
  • CHER 132: Elementary Cherokee II (3)
  • CHER 231: Intermediate Cherokee I (3)
  • CHER 232: Intermediate Cherokee II (3)
  • HIST 236: Native American Lives (3)
  • Other approved courses including NAS courses

Enhance your experience

Student work or study co-operatives are available to undergraduate students through Western's Cherokee Center and external organizations within the Native American community.

For more information, email Center Director Sky Sampson at

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