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Teacher Education Electronic Portfolio

The teacher education programs use an electronic portfolio system to collect artifacts that are required for admission, state licensure, and graduation.

Tk20, our portfolio system, is a part of the company called Watermark. You may find references to Tk20 and Watermark on our pages, though both refer to the same software platform.

Student Accounts

You must purchase your own Tk20 account. You can either purchase a subscription code from the WCU Bookstore or you can purchase your account online via a credit card. Follow these directions to purchase your account online.

For more detailed information on edTPA, visit our dedicated website.

You will be granted access to the edTPA portfolio for your program during the first week of your Intern II semester. To access your edTPA portfolio:

  • Log in to Tk20
  • Click on the Portfolios tab on the left
  • You will see a sub-tab called Portfolios. Click on this.
  • You should now see the portfolio for your academic program. Click on the name of the portfolio to access it.
  • The first tab at the top has links to documents such as the handbook. Note the special username and password on this page that you will have to use to access these.
  • There are other documents and templates you can download in the Task 1, 2, and 3 tabs. The same username and password listed in the first tab works for these.
  • You can upload work to this portfolio at any time. Do NOT submit your portfolio until all your materials for all three Tasks are uploaded.

To submit a course assignment:

  • Click on your Courses tab on the left
  • Click on the course (if the course is in a semester that has passed, click on the "Previous Courses" tab to see those)
  • Click on the Activities tab (about the middle of the page)
  • Click on the name of the assignment
  • Click on the Select button to attach your file(s)
  • Submit your work once you’re done

If you accidently submitted an assignment and need to undo that:

  • Log in to Tk20
  • Click on the Courses tab in the left navigation bar
  • Click on the course where this assignment is
  • Click on the Activities tab in the main part of the window
  • Check the checkbox just to the left of the assignment, then click on the button above the assignment that looks like a circular arrow

That will unsubmit your work so you can continue editing it and submit it later.

Students in the MAT or MAED degree programs must complete the Comprehensive Portfolio.

Specifications of the Comprehensive Portfolio for MAED and MAT students

Directions on how to submit the Comprehensive Portfolio in Tk20

Note: the Comprehensive Portfolio was formerly called the "Advanced Licensure Portfolio" so you may still see that language in some documentation.

Contact the program faculty regarding your requirements

Core Competencies and Mentor Signature Record

 Please contact our local Tk20/Watermark support via email:

Office of Web Services