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How Will I Pay for Study Abroad?

Students studying abroad in China


Study Abroad Programs can range in cost depending on a number of factors, such as program type, location, currency exchange rates, and more.   The Office of Global Engagement is committed to reducing financial barriers of access to study abroad experiences and we can find a program to fit almost any budget.

There are also many options for financial assistance such as financial aid, internal & external scholarships, fellowships, and grants that help students pursue study experiences across the globe. Learn more about the opportunities for assistance and discover what the world has waiting for you…

Financial Aid

You can also use most forms of financial aid for any Study Abroad program offered through Western Carolina University. The amount of aid awarded depends on an estimated budget for your program, which includes airfare, room and board, in-country transportation, visa expenses, and other programmatic items.

In order to be eligible to use financial aid, you must be enrolled in the equivalent of 12 WCU credits during the semester (or 6 WCU credits for summer programs). You will work with the Study Abroad Advisor, your Academic Advisor, and your department to ensure that you enroll in the appropriate number of courses & credits abroad.

The Office of Global Engagement will also connect you with a member the Financial Aid Office who helps study abroad students use financial aid to study abroad.


Scholarships & Grants

There are many additional opportunities to fund your study abroad. External agencies across the country and the world offer grants, scholarships, fellowships and loans to help students study abroad.

  • A grant is non-repayable funds or products disbursed by one party, often a government department, corporation, foundation or trust. 
  • scholarship is defined as a grant or payment made to support a student's education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievements.
  • A fellowship is a merit-based scholarship with specific requirements set by an government entity or organization. 

At Western Carolina University’s Office of Global Engagement, we have four scholarships to support students in their study abroad experiences.

  • Chinese and Germany Friendship Annual Scholarship: This scholarship has been established by Dr. Will Lehman to encourage students to participate in study abroad opportunities as part of their college experience.
  • Gail-Patricia Greer Study Abroad Scholarship: Endowed through the generosity of Gail-Patricia Greer, this fund provides support for students who are participating in study abroad.
  • Jayne Zanglein Travel Scholarship: Endowed through the generosity of Stephen Wohlrab, this scholarship provides support for students who are studying abroad.
  • Kyle R. and Sarah H. Carter Scholarship for Study Abroad: Established by Kyle and Sarah Carter, this scholarship provides support for students who are participating in international travel in conjunction with their WCU coursework.

Many other offices and departments including the Western Carolina University College of Business and the Brinson Honors College have separate funds to support students on study abroad experiences.

Learn More and Apply to Internal Scholarship Opportunities

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