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Strategic and Master Planning

strategic plan

Honoring Our Promise

Honoring Our Promise

The current strategic plan, Honoring Our Promise, was approved by the Board of Trustees in June 2021, and is a living, breathing document that our WCU community can point to and work towards daily.  It builds on important gains, learned from our successes and setbacks, and is tempered by internal and external realities while confidently presenting bold, yet feasible strategic priorities.  The priorities defined in the plan are aligned to our institution's strengths as well as regional economic, and workforce needs.

Read the Strategic Plan: honoring our promise 

As we continue to strive towards the goals outlined in the Honoring Our Promise plan, we share the progress that has been made and celebrate our accomplishments. Read the full report and learn about the programs and projects that have been implemented.

Annual Strategic Planning Reports

Campus Master Plan

Watch the 2022 Master Plan Update Open Forum Video 
You may use WCU10-27 as the password.

Master Plan

Campus Master Plan

The role of the Master Plan is to:

  • Allow orderly expansion over the next ten years.
  • Preserve existing character and rural nature.
  • Establish sense of community and being for the inhabitants of the campus.
  • Provide a basis for the budgeted project expansion strategy.
  • Adaptable to the future needs of campus

2022  Campus Master Plan Update
2021 Campus Master Plan Report
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