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M.A.T.Biology Education

 Biology Education

The M.A.T. in Biology is for students with a biology background looking to transition into a career in education. The program covers teaching methods and curriculum preparation necessary to be an effective instructor and also leads to licensure to teach grades 9-12. The program leads to a recommendation for an initial and advanced license from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Students will also expand their biology background in the classroom and diverse ecosystems like the Great Smoky Mountains, Blue Ridge Parkway, and Coweeta Hydrological Laboratory. This program requires applicants to provide evidence of research such as an undergraduate thesis of an in-depth research paper.

What You'll Learn

The M.A.T. in Biology is is a 42-semester hour program that will develop your skills as a teacher and increase your understanding of biology. Students will take courses like Foundations of Teacher Leadership in a Diverse Society; Child and Adolescent Development; Advanced Science Methods; and Methods for Teaching in Content Areas. The program also includes practical experience during an semester-long internship paired with a seminar course. Successful completion of the program leads to recommendation of licensure from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Where You'll Go

WCU’s M.A.T. graduates will be eligible to teach biology in grades 9-12. The National Education Association states the average salary for North Carolina public school teachers is $47,783 for the 2014-15 school year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting a 6% increase in high school teacher hirings by 2022. There are also a number of opportunities across the nation and internationally for primary and secondary teachers.

Next Steps

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