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B.S.B.A.Computer Information Systems MinorMajor

computer information systems

Recent studies show that information systems will be one of the fastest-growing job markets for graduates. As the global community becomes increasingly reliant on information systems and technology, there is a present and growing need for professionals in the field. The Western Carolina University Computer Information Systems Program prepares students for immediate employment and long-term career success by way of a dynamic curriculum taught by faculty who stay on the cutting edge of technology. Program students gain real-world, hands-on experience in state-of-the-art facilities. Many graduates enter employment with private and public companies and organizations, while others pursue graduate studies.

What You'll Learn

The degree program’s curriculum is composed of classes that prepare students to solve business problems with information technology solutions. Students develop valuable critical thinking and decision-making skills as they follow the curriculum. The business core curriculum includes courses from multiple disciplines such as accounting, economics, law and marketing. The major requirements include courses such as Foundations of Information Technology, Business Applications Development, and Computer Information Systems Analysis and Design. Students can elect to take advantage of cooperative education or internship courses that allow them to work in actual industry positions, earning credit, salary and vital experience.

Where You'll Go

Half of the fastest-growing jobs and half of the occupations with the most new jobs are those that require a business computer information systems degree. Jobs can be focused on programming, network administration, information systems security, computer operations, consulting, database management, systems analysis, product and technical support, and software product development, among other areas of interest. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, software and applications developer occupations are projected to be among the job areas of most growth between 2012 and 2022, while information security analyst job occupations are projected to be among the fastest growing areas for the same time period. Job growth is projected at 22.8 percent for developers and 36.5 percent for analysts.

Next Steps

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