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Culturally-Based Native HealthCertificate

This certificate program provides healthcare professionals with a new approach and training for servering Native peoples. The program is grounded in tribal community for those who serve American Indian populations in the South and the East. This culturally-oriented certificate option will enable current professionals in the Western North Carolina region, who are Cherokee or serve a Native American population, to acquire the cultural knowledge and methodological understanding to serve more effectively.

What You'll Learn

This interdisciplinary, online program requires 12 hours of courses and will help students connect the contemporary approaches to medicine with the culturally sensitive needs of a population considered underrepresented and underserved. Courses will cover topics including Issues in Indian Health, Cherokee Culture and History, and Healing the Wounded Native Child.

Where You'll Go

A certificate in Culturally-Based Native Health will enable students to utilize their training in a health-related discipline and apply it to Southeastern Indian cultures. 

Next Steps

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