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Western Carolina University’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering program prepares students for careers where creative solutions to global challenges are needed to advance society. Graduates become engineers and product designers. Ideal for students who love math and science and willing to explore new frontiers, the program offers three concentrations: mechanical, manufacturing, and electrical power. Students apply their new-found knowledge in our Project-based Learning (PBL) approach with companies across the region, and beyond, through WCU’s Center for Rapid Product Realization. WCU is one of only three University of North Carolina system institutions to offer the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree.

What You'll Learn

The program focuses on a foundation of math, science, and engineering courses, including Calculus, Physics, Mechanics, Circuits, and Engineering Design. Each of the three concentrations requires upper-level courses such as Design of Machine Elements (mechanical), Design of Manufacturing Systems (manufacturing), and Power Electronics (electric power). All students are required to participate in a two-semester senior capstone project for industrial sponsors under the guidance of faculty members and industry mentors.

Where You'll Go

Program graduates find work in advanced manufacturing, product design and development, product testing and reliability, mechanical and electric design, engineering simulation and analysis, research and development, engineering project management, and power distribution. Alternately, some graduates may choose to enroll in graduate studies to deepen their knowledge and further expand their career possibilities.

Next Steps

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