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M.Ed.Higher Education Student Affairs

Higher Education Student Affairs

College life is full of activities outside of the classroom and informational sessions that help students adapt to, and enrich, life on campus. From the time a new student arrives on campus for orientation, to seeking advice on life after college with career affairs, Higher Education Student Affairs professionals are an integral part of the collegiate experience. Western Carolina University’s Master of Education in HESA is a chance to learn about supplementing the college experience outside of traditional academics. This program follows the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Education.

What You'll Learn

The M.Ed. in Higher Education Student Affairs is a 39-semester hour program that provides graduates with comprehensive knowledge and experiences to pursue professional employment within an institution of higher education or seek to continue to a doctoral program. Students will learn about issues in higher education such as diversity, legal issues, history, finance and more. Students will also learn from, and work with, a variety of college personnel to better understand the varying roles and opportunities that exist in the collegiate environment. Students may also choose an internship to gain valuable, hands-on experience. 

Where You'll Go

Graduates have a chance to find employment on college campuses across the country and can work in a variety of roles from leading off-campus trips to helping with substance abuse counseling. You can work as residence director, academic coordinator, campus event coordinator and more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the average salary for postsecondary administrators is $101,910 and predicts the industry to have 15% job growth by 2022. 

Next Steps

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