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Western Carolina University’s history students acquire the skills of analysis, interpretation, written communication and critical thinking—precisely the skills they need for career success. The aim of the history department is to prepare students not only for their future careers, but also provide them the foundation for life-long learning. Students enjoy a wide variety of courses in subjects as diverse as ancient Greece, women’s history and Appalachian culture. They learn from a dedicated faculty of scholars with national and international reputations. Graduates pursue careers in public school teaching, academia and public history, and professions such as law and public service.

What You'll Learn

WCU’s undergraduate program in history provides students with an excellent university education and the intellectual and communication skills that many professions demand. The program offers bachelor’s degrees of arts and science. In addition to liberal studies courses and history electives, the arts degree requires modern foreign language, survey and methods courses, while the science degree requires mathematics, survey and methods courses. All students complete a senior capstone project, an opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have mastered during their time at WCU. Students may choose to enhance their academic experience through internships, co-operative education opportunities, and extracurricular activities such as The History Club, the history honor society and Fall Field Day.

Where You'll Go

The majority of WCU history graduates pursue highly successful careers in business, education and government work, while a significant percentage finds professional employment in the areas of law, journalism and ministry. Many graduates choose to undertake graduate and professional studies in order to deepen their subject knowledge and further expand their career opportunities.

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