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B.S.Integrated Health SciencesMajor

 Health Sciences students working through an experiential learning exercise.

Western Carolina University's Integrated Health Sciences program is designed specifically for students who have an interest in the medical field but may be unsure of which career path is right for them. With three concentrations, Health and Wellness, Health Management and Pre-Professional, students learn from a varied curriculum across multiple disciplines. Graduates will be prepared to fill various roles that support healthy living in businesses, community organizations and numerous positions across the healthcare industry.

What You'll Learn

The core curriculum has been designed to teach students about different medical components as well as developing skills, knowledge, and attitudes with critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, interpersonal relationships, and inter-professional teamwork. The program will prepare students to recognize the global nature of health with a special emphasis on promoting cultural competency and sensitivity for the needs of underserved populations. The different concentration options allow students to focus on an area of interest such as Health and Wellness, Health Management, and Pre-Professional. This program is also ideal for students who want to focus on prerequisite courses with the aim of pursuing a professional graduate program.

Where You'll Go

Graduates from the Health and Wellness Concentration will be prepared to pursue careers in Fitness and Exercise Sciences and Community Health Education, where the Management Concentration can find careers in Healthcare Adminstration and Healthcare Operations. Integrated Health Sciences graduates in the Pre-Professional Concentration will be ready to apply to graduate programs in Athletic Training, Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Physician Assistant. 

Next Steps

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