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Student and a globe

The Leadership Minor (LEAD Minor) at Western Carolina University is an interdisciplinary minor focused on providing in-depth instruction and participatory learning opportunities for students who wish to further develop their leadership potential and skills. Designed to be complementary to students' intended majors, the minor provides developmental opportunities aimed at enhancing leadership potential in collegiate, local, regional, national, and international settings.

What You'll Learn

The LEAD Minor consists of 18 credit hours of coursework. Of those credit hours, nine are required courses and nine may come from approved electives. Within the elective options there are three types of courses: LEAD Core Electives, LEAD Track Electives, Partner-Program Electives. Students from any major may elect to complete the LEAD Minor. LEAD Core Electives are leadership courses taught through the LEAD Minor and highlight leadership in specific contexts. LEAD Track Electives are, generally, living learning community classes for freshmen, as well as freshman leadership programming courses and job training classes specific to on-campus employment. Partner-Program Electives are non-LEAD courses that complement the mission and goals of the LEAD Minor. These classes count for the minor and are taught by other majors.


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