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A degree in sociology will give you a foundation of critical and analytical thinking that can start your career in a variety of job industries, or prepare you for graduate studies. Sociologists have diverse occupations working in education, human services, criminal justice, government and a number of private sector disciplines. Western Carolina University’s Bachelor of Arts, or Science, in Sociology will teach you the theories and scientific methods necessary to understand and address social issues in your community and beyond.

What You'll Learn

The sociology program will hone a student’s ability to identify issues, conduct research, analyze data and present those findings in an accessible way. The program features courses like Sociological Theory; Analysis of Social Data; Social Problems; Rural Society; and Family Violence. Students will also take a variety of courses in other disciplines that are applicable to the sociology major. Students completing a foreign language requirement will receive a Bachelor of Arts; all other students will receive a Bachelor of Science.

Where You'll Go

Sociology majors have a chance to pursue careers using research and analytical skills in a number of areas like local and state government, non-profit organizations and consulting firms. Many sociologists continue their studies at the graduate level to prepare for a career as educators in secondary and postsecondary environments. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states job opportunities in the field of sociology will 15% by the year 2022. The BLS states the average salary for sociologists with a Master’s degree is $74,960.

Next Steps

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